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Thread: whistling sound underneath my brake pedal on my mazda 05 tribute

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    whistling sound underneath my brake pedal on my mazda 05 tribute

    Whenever I press the brake down on my mazda tribute there is a whistling sound that I hear underneath the brake pedal what causes this?

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    Your in the wrong forum Mr. Ballard
    Here's the area you might have some better luck on:

    I'm sure a MOD will end up moving this thread there anyway

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    I am not going to jump on your case but this is the wrong forum section for this question. This is the Mazdaspeed Protege threads. I am sure the moderator will move it shortly to the proper area, no harm done.

    Can you describe the sound a little more. Is it a screeching grinding sound or simply put, a whislte sound? Any chance you can get a video with the noise or perhaps a sound byte? Can it be heard outside the truck or literally it is coming from beneath the pedal? What year and engine size, 4 or 6, manual or auto?
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    Im gonna state the obvious.. but have you checked the brake pads? Sound deflects very easily and its often hard to pinpoint the exact source from inside the cabin. It could just be the pads are worn and you're hearing the wear indicator pin rubbing on the rotors..

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