Weird Problem with what sounds like fan blowing when you turn left

I have searched and saw all kinds of problems with AC Fans, Fan Motors and Relays but unless I missed it, nothing seems to be what I am experiencing. Going through various tests, this is what I am experiencing. It is a 2008 Grand Touring Front Wheel Drive.

First, this only happens when making a left hand turn. None of the following things I list happen when I turn right under any of these circumstances.

1. If the AC is off, nothing happens.
2. If the AC is on and fan isn't blowing a slow left turn you can hear what sounds like a slight gurgling sound or water..
3. If the AC is on and you make a sharp left hand turn with a little speed, it sound like the AC fan is speeding up. The sound appears to be coming from the center dash vents and lower right floor but I was sitting in the passenger seat while my wife was showing me.
3. If the AC is on high/max and you make a sharp left turn with a little speed, you hear what sounds like the fan speeding up and making a shrieking noise.

This is consistent every time you do it. I thought is might be the serpentine belt when I heard a noise but it doesn't sound like a belt squeal and that doesn't explain the sound like the fan increasing.

So any idea? Want to be clear that is "sounds" like the fan blowing harder. I can't be sure that is physically happening.

Thanks for any help and hope it's something easy to address myself.
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I'm thinking that could also be a problem if not "the" problem from some of the stuff I have read. No water anywhere in the car but the blower fan noise changing on left turns seems really weird. Going to check that tomorrow if I can get under it with a shop vac. Watched the videos on how to clear.
2008 CX-9 Touring
I had the problem jar142 calls-out. In addition to symptoms you described, my 2008 Touring also developed a damp odor. Issue continued to worsened causing the fan to short-out.
I'm going to try and clear the drain line today. I have a 3 ton low profile floor jack. Where should I place the jack to lift it the best? I know I need to use a jack pad if I lift at the rails. Any particular ones that work or fit best?
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Well, I got under it and put the shop vac against it and let it suck it out. Not much seemed to come out so I ran a long zip tie up inside it. I the put the Shop Vac back on it. When I got out, I notice a puddle of water behind where I was lying that seem to be running down a rail but not sure where that came from as I had the heat shield exposing the hole. There was a some water in the shop vac and water was running out from behind the car so maybe it worked.
If the vac didn’t work shoot a shot of compressed air into the drain. This the one in front that you will need to fold back the heat shield to access. This was a common problem in my 2010 for a while and then as quickly as it appeared it went away. If there’s enough water to rattle the fan you should have 10-16 oz pour out whenever you break it loose.
Thanks. I have read of some threads on using the compressed air used to clean electronic equipment. Can you use an air compressor just as easily? I also read where someone said their fan messed up after using compressed air because it pushed water into it but I thought water was getting into it anyway on the left turn which is the sound I am hearing.
I’ve used both canned air and my compressor. Just go easy with the compressor air. A quick couple of shots should do the trick and dislodge whatever crud is causing the problem. I was never able to get my shop vac to work and evidently there are too many bends to properly snake it.