LankyKiwi's Rally-flavored SP20


BJII Astina SP20
There was an after market supercharger kit available for the FP and FS.



If you're really lucky, can be found on Japanese auction sites.

But unfortunately for us LankyKiwi, looks like it will only fit LH drive. 🥺
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@Derbyguy919 it's not finished yet! Can't wait to get it on the streets though.

@JazzySP20, I remember reading about that kit, it was built for Ford Probes from memory? Looks like a SC12 charger so very similar to the one I've got. Bonnet clearance would be tight!


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There was an after market supercharger kit available for the FP and FS.

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If you're really lucky, can be found on Japanese auction sites.

But unfortunately for us LankyKiwi, looks like it will only fit LH drive. 🥺
It's still floating around. Rupewrecht put it up recently. Can't find it on Yahoo Japan though. Probably getting relisted.

2x 2001 SP20 323's
This week's progress (no photos sorry)
- Oil pressure gauge installed with a sandwich plate. It's a silver faced gauge which is mildly annoying as I bought it thinking it had a white face to match all the others. Eventually I'll get matching AEM gauges but at $300+ a pop they're a little out of budget!
- All gauges wired in for power and lights, using the old radio harness made this super easy!
- Replaced the cigarette lighter with a USB charging port
- Ran some more wires for the Microsquirt. I think I get how this thing works now! Still terrified of cutting up the factory loom though.

Next up:
- Figure out the relay and fuse situation for the microsquirt
- start splicing the looms together
- split tube and loom wrap the engine wiring
- Weld the O2 bung in to the header
2x 2001 SP20 323's
Awesome updates. Really excited about this build. I’ve always wanted to mount a m62 supercharger clutched
Thanks! Slowly but surely this thing is coming together. An M62 charger would actually work a bit better than the SC14, they're a bit smaller and more efficient from memory.

Progress this week:
- the gearbox mount inserts turned up! I actually ordered these at the same time as the engine inserts but they'd been on back order for a few months. Big thanks to Tony at AWR for sorting these.

- Took @323's advice and made a backing plate for the engine mount to help keep the inserts in place

- Unfortunately the wiring spaghetti monster has grown! This should be everything that's needed to get the car running.

- Made up a mount for the Microsquirt fuse box and relays. They should be easily accessible for troubleshooting. It sits behind the little kick panel on the center console and it gives me something to aim the wiring at. I've done the power and ground circuits, next is sensors, then outputs, etc

- It seems like a good idea to upgrade the fuel pump while I'm at it, any recommendations or specs that work for these cars?
- The microsquirt does batch injector sequencing, there's 2 outputs for 4 injectors. I'm thinking that the best way to pair cylinders will be the same as the ignition (1&4, 2&3) or is it paired like the injector colours (1&2, 3&4) can someone sanity check that?

Next up:
- more wiring (Yaaaaay)
- figure out vacuum lines for the MAP sensor and BOV
- weld the O2 bung in to the header


(u_u) ...zZzZzzz
Nice! I like the backing plate for your passenger mount. It looks good. I've been considering going back to the inserts for the passenger and transmission side to make driving the thing less annoying on the msp.
2x 2001 SP20 323's
Do you know what size bolt you used to fit through the inserts? Wondering if it's just m6 hardware that you used.

Yep, M6 threaded rod with nylocs on either end, nothing fancy!
Length was about 90mm from memory, had to run a drill through the inserts and it was still a tight fit.
2x 2001 SP20 323's
Thanks to a surprise optometrist visit (my glasses literally snapped in half one morning) and general life, progress on the car is a bit slower than I'd like at the moment. Still managed to wire up 80% of the megasquirt and replaced the fuel filter for good luck (no pump upgrade yet). Also ordered new steering rack ends for next weekend.


I replaced the phillips screws with some M4 hex heads as the phillips screws were a major PITA! Impact drivers are the real hero here

It's been really sunny here so I took the chance and gave the shed a really deep clean, starting with pulling all my crap out and organising it a bit better, here's just the bike pile!


After taking a full car load of junk to the tip (once again proving how versatile these cars are) I made some small improvements, like a new LED light above the workbench:


And I got given an old porta-band so I whipped up a bench stand for it. This thing is going to come in handy!


There's still a few things to tidy up but for now the shed is clean, organised and there's a bit more room for shiny, new junk!


Next up:
- Figure out the cam and crank angle sensor wiring
- double check the injector and ignition wiring
- install new steering rack ends
- add front disks then bleed the brakes and clutch.
2x 2001 SP20 323's
This weeks updates:
-The wiring is finished!* o_O thanks to the haltech site having a good guide to the FS-DET sensors
- which means the passenger's seat is in and interior is now back together
- New steering rod ends on both sides so I now have steering again!
- Scored some front brake disks as well which means the brakes are finally complete
- Made a bracket for the end of the clutch line to attach to the gearbox mount as I've helpfully put the factory bracket somewhere
- Got some silicon joiners and alloy tube to complete the intercooler piping

* The wiring is connected but unwrapped as I want to make sure it actually works before wrapping everything up in loom tube and tape

Next up:
- Weld that O2 bung in
- Get a braided clutch line made up to replace the factory rubber line
- Bleed the clutch and brakes

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting larger and brighter!
2x 2001 SP20 323's
Shiny new clutch line is in! Made on the spot by the same company that did the handbrake cables

Clutch and brakes are now bled (for now, might need re-bleeding later on)
O2 sensor bung is welded in too, I think I've cracked the settings on my little MIG as it welded really nicely. A lick of paint and it's installed for good. Cable is a little close to the driveshaft but it is out of harms way

Aaaaand threw all the things back in to the engine bay to see how much room there is for the pipe work and BOV

A sneaky look in to what this thing will end up looking like!

Next is figuring out BOV positions and replacing the blue power steering hoses with more stealthy black ones.


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2x 2001 SP20 323's
- intake piping is all tacked together ready for someone with actual welding skills to finish off :D
- Gearbox oil is in, nothing fancy for now
- made up a bracket to hold the coolant overflow tank behind the air box and beside the fusebox.
CAD template:

Alloy sheet version, needs a squirt of paint to finish off but it's nice and sturdy

Also started a cover for the ABS unit as it's exposed and a bit ugly, I'm hoping a black cover will make it 'disappear' and not stand out so badly.

Once the intake stuff is finished I can finish off the fluids and try and start the thing!
2x 2001 SP20 323's
Buttoning up a few more details lately, crawling towards getting this thing on the road!

Catch can installed alongside the overflow tank. It's a cheap clone can but it should do the trick
Also hiding in the back is the ABS cover which is working as intended

Header painted black and wrapped. As much as the white headers looked great, they probably weren't the best for heat management! Also got some gold reflective tape for the end of the supercharger and parts of the intake.


Also got the intake pipes welded up by one of the boys at work. A box of beer goes a long way!


Question for everyone: What finish should these pipes be? The big one at the top is most visible and the rest are fairly hidden. Polish? Brushed? Black paint? Red to match the engine bay?

I was hoping to have some hose clamps this weekend but the supplier helpfully didn't send them until a week and two emails after the order :(

This weekend should see the first power up and hopefully first start with the microsquirt, fingers crossed!
2x 2001 SP20 323's
Great stuff. Don't take this the wrong way... but I'd paint them black. I wouldn't polish them and highlight those welds. ;) (y)
Ha! The guy that welded them said it was a challenge, he's used to much thicker ali so it's not as tidy as it could be. I could sand the welds back and polish it smooth but I'd rather not.

Still miles better than what I can do :D


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Isn't black supposed to dissipate heat better too? 🤔

At any rate, I would suggest either going with black, or sourcing a heat-sleeve if you're that way inclined, though I'm not truly sure of the effectiveness of the sleeves. It'll keep heat out/off of the piping, but surely would hold any heat in too?