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Thread: OEM Remote Start - Registering fobs

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    OEM Remote Start - Registering fobs

    Hey all,

    Recently installed the OEM remote kit on my wifes '14 CX-5. The harness install wasn't too bad at all.

    I found an old thread here that walked you through everything, but I seem to be stuck on getting the 2 fobs registered.

    Sometimes when trying to get the first one, I get "IG" which i'm guess is that I took too long to get it synced. Other times, I'll have the readout "A1",

    I'm either missing something, or there's a trick to this that I just don't see.

    Any tips or suggestions?


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    Go back to this thread and find my responses. I believe there was very short time limit between operations, I forgot which ones exactly. Registering those fobs was hard.

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