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Thread: Hitch installation cost for 2017 CX-9

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    Hitch installation cost for 2017 CX-9

    I bought a Curt 13284 trailer hitch, along with the Curt 56338 4-pin trailer wiring harness. The local U-Haul dealer quoted $175 just for the hitch installation. However, to have it installed with the wiring they quoted $356 total.

    Why does the wiring cost so much extra on top of the hitch installation?

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    The connection is hidden behind the interior trim pieces. But that sounds overly expensive..

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    Wow, that's a pretty penny for just wiring. Connecting the wiring is pretty easy, like a 15min. job...I wouldn't pay that.

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    You do not need a trailer specialty place to install the hitch & electrical connectors. Call your favorite local mechanic or anybody handy with tools. You can find videos of the procedure on or maybe youtube. Do check other hitch installers, but they probably will charge extra anyone who brings in items not bought there. The mark up for parts is part of their essential business model.

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