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Thread: Just my MAZDA project stuff

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    I always like sharing pictures of some of my DIY home projects because they look so bad during the beginning stages makes me look like a DIY "RICER" modder.
    So in these pictures most of the basic gauge wiring was done. Really it was just attaching connectors and installing the convoluted wire protection. I have not yet cut the finish plate out yet and like to do all the fitting on the template.

    When the new gauge mount is finished the console will be dissembled to re-upholster the red/brown with Panther Black Leather and closed cell firm padding unlike the thin Mazda padding used throughout most Mazda's.

    I never liked this color combo MAZDA had, BLACK and cream or white color interior trims and head liner. What were they thinking? hahahaha!

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    A fan of good projects here, sir! For more gauges, you might wanna check

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