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Thread: Selling Price

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    Selling Price

    Hey guys it's been awhile since I've been on here. To be honest I've been away at college and haven't had much time to check the forums. Now I'm back for the summer and figured I'd check out what's new with the Speeds. Anyways my question is how much are people selling their speeds for? I have a few people interested in mine although I'm not too sure if I want to sell it. I would consider my car in near mint condition with two minor scratches, all the mods in my sig and it has only 14000 miles on it. I have no idea where to start to offer people. So if you guys could fill me in that would be great.
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    $15-16k tops privately, $12-13k trade-in

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    Quote Originally Posted by smo0f
    $15-16k tops privately, $12-13k trade-in
    I bought mine in August of 2004 with 8699 miles on it and it was listed on the lot for $17,200. I ended up getting the guy down to $16,800 and trading in a Tacoma on it. The only concern I would have would be the mods you have listed. If some high school kid buys it then you could probably get about what smo0f said but if you trade in/sell it to some one other than a high school kid they might want to give you less since it's been modded. Some people just think that because a car was modded that it was ran hard. If you can convince them that it hasn't then I don't see a problem getting somewhere around that for it.
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    autotrader, and have about 15-20 right now ranging about 12-19K
    some are modded, just about like yours....with that low milage you can probably pull for PP a good 17K
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    DO NOT leave your mods on if you trade-in. Part them off to people in your area or sell them here on the forums. You'll come out a better in the end.

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