What did you pay for your CX-9?

Go for a 2020. Picked up a GT in gray for $6k off msrp before loyalty rebate. That was a straight dealer discount, non financed. A fre new features of the 21's are not worth the savings you get on a 20.
Was out yesterday in metro Atlanta looking at 2021 GTs. They are in limited supply. Without any real effort, the dealer offered $6k off sticker on 2020. Was offering $2k off sticker on the 2021. May wait to see if 21's come down when inventory picks up.
Mitishi Outlander
Buy the 2020 unit now . I got a 2018 Touring CX 9 in 2019 and got the same off . If there isn't a great difference in equipment layout , do it .
2021 CX9 CE
Lease ended on our 2017 CX-5 GT and we turned it in to lease a 2021 CX-9 Carbon Edition AWD for $41,759 (Sticker was $44,080). $510/month, 36mo, 10k mi/yr and no money except first month payment of $510 up front.
I signed the paperwork on a 2021 AWD CX-9 grand touring over the weekend in Massachusetts. I went to a volume dealer in the area that advertises prices on their website at KBB fair market value. MSRP was 45k, they reduced to 43k plus doc fee. This price is essentially the same as invoice and the KBB fair market price and what another dealer offered me via email. The problem right now is there is very low inventory. They are going to Connecticut to locate blue with black interior for me. I think with greater inventory availability, I could have negotiated another 1k off the price. Also, they had a blue mica with sand interior in their inventory but I felt I'd hate myself later for compromising on the interior color.

I had already gotten a price on my trade in from Carmax which the dealer immediately matched minus the sales tax savings so I felt pretty good about the overall deal.