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Rear drivers side brake lock up

I recently bought a 2003 protege5 and I love it. Except I keep having an issue. The drivers side rear brake keeps locking up, to the point that it gets hot and is smoking.

When I bought the car the same caliper was siezed (according to the mechanic who did the safety inspection) and he replaced the caliper. Shortly after, I had hot brakes on that specific brake, drivers side rear. I took it right back to the mechanic, he said everything was fine. But it continues to happen. After being stopped, shutting off the car and applying the parking brake, it seems to free up when I start driving again.

I do have an intermittent abs and brake light that pops on quite often, but again the mechanic said he couldn't figure out why (I am going to look at the wheel sensors when I get a chance).

Any ideas what would cause the brake to lock up intermittently and is it possibly related to the same issue causing the abs and brake lights? I will say everytime the brake has locked both the abs and brake lights have been off. Also, I think 2 out of the 3 times the brake has stuck it was raining. Just to reiterate the caliper is new, like a month old new. Thanks in advance for any ideas.


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
Check your parking brake cable. It maybe seized.

Make sure part number 11 rotates freely when you pull and release the lever.


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