My AC always ON-Off-On-Off....forever. Please help me out

mazda3 2006
hello all.
My Mazda 3, 2006 got something wrong with the AC. When i turn on the AC, it worked for short time, about 5 minutes, then Off. after about 10 or 15 minutes, it turn On again. And the cycle of the AC clutch is On-Off-On-Off always.
- When i stopped at Red light, the AC turned off, after it turned ON, my engine was off too. i have to start my Engine again. OR the engine was vibrated too much.
- I also refill freon with AC Pro system i bought at Walmart. Still the same problem.
When it turned ON, the AC is still get cool. No problem with "cool" from AC. Some guys advised me to change the blower motor and resistor
Please help me.
Thank you so so much
mazda3 2006
ITS THE AC CONTROL Its a common issue on the proteges, theres a how to fix to solve the issue
could you please tell me how can i fix it? Please tell me more information. Or a link of a video showing how to fix it.
Thank you so so much.