Mazda6s Body Repair Help

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and relatively new to Mazdas. I have a damaged hood on my 2003 Mazda 6s 3.0L in glacier metallic and am looking for a replacement locally.

Q: What vehicles and year models use the same hood?

Background: I finally inherited the family new-driver training car and am now fixing and caring for it as a personal vehicle. It is relatively low mileage and the interior is perfect but the bumpers and hood have the standard indications of 6 siblings learning to drive. The car is rather low value and I am not wanting to invest much in cosmetics. The problem is the hood corner is folded down approximately 2 inches into the headlight. I have a new lens but must fix the hood first.

Also, what would be the most affordable source of matched spray automotive paint?

Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.

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