Guide Factory Remote Starter - Install and Program

2014 & 2019 CX-5 Touring(s)
Remote starters even 5 years ago were, "Oh wow, please, no, don't do that!". Today, since the widespread use of "T-Harnesses" where you no longer have to cut even one single factory wire in the harness, the installations have become trivial.

Unclick factory harness at the prescribed connectors
Click T-Harness between the factory connectors
Click T-Harness to remote start brain box
Yeah, but it's not that simple - you still have to remove stuff to get to the connectors then route wires and mount the device, all while lying on your back with your head stuffed into the driver's footwell and your feet dangling/cramping up. And don't forget about attaching some wires that don't go through the T-harness.

Agreed it's not the complete hack that it used to be, but still.