2008 CX-9 GT FWD Pittsburgh, PA

This is a teaser.
Will be putting up my CX-9 for sale in the spring.
No photos yet, I haven't put a finger on asking price yet.
Grand Touring front wheel drive with nav/bose/sunroof/xenon/blind spot monitoring/homelink electronic inside mirror/tow prep - factory hitch is in my basement, I can sell with oem hitch installed or not installed, your choice. I don't drive around with the hitch installed, only install it if I need to tow something. Tow prep package includes tow wiring, external transmission cooler and heavy duty radiator from factory. Hitch is almost like new, no rust, just some black paint flaking off in a couple spots.
103k miles, loads of papers & documents. 3 working smart cards, 1 is kept as a spare and has no wear on the card.
Vehicle has never seen a body shop, accident free other than: firework melted into windshield, replaced with oem windshield. Vehicle is garage kept and has not been driven hardly at all these days. I keep it pretty immaculate. Rag down the engine bay every time I wash it. Includes 2 air boxes. 1 airbox is factory and the other is swiss cheesed on the bottom which provides more power but is much louder, more for summer with the windows down.
Replaced rear shocks a couple years ago, lower control arms replaced under recall, and right front airbag replaced under recall.
You will be hard pressed to find a 2008 vehicle not rusted out in Pittsburgh. Exhaust finishers always kept free of soot, chrome polished. No curb rash on any wheel. Nitto tires are around 75% or so.
We will be selling both of our personal vehicles and buying 1 newer suv.
pm if interested... could sell sooner for an interested party.



Hey Hel...Nice to see that you’ve had your CX-9 this long and sorry to see it go...Please note you need pics with signage (hand written sign with username and date in the pics) and our marketplace is for direct listings only (not advertising / linking to outside listings).

Please provide a few pics with signage and feel free to add the Google hosted images afterwards...Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



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