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    Homelink installation wire tap

    Anyone have a piout diagram for the sunroof? I am planning to use the sunroof connector instead. Thanks.
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    Auto dimming compass mirror install in 2008 MAZDA5 GT

    Nice write up. I have a question. I only have part of the wiring harness to complete the install. Does anyone have the pin out for the sunroof connector? I have a Gentex 313 with home link, compass, and auto dim. I have seen a post for a Corolla where they got power through the sunroof. Thanks...
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    power windows and mirrors are dead

    Pull the power windows connector from a wrecked M5. Strip the wires and test with power source. This should isolate the problem. If no power to relays, sounds like a short in the door wiring and may need to be replaced.
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    Intermittent no start

    So far, the issue hasn't come back in a few months. Thanks for all the inputs. Keeping a close eye on it.
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    Homelink / Compass Mirror Compatability 2009 / 2015

    I recently came into possession for a compass/home link mirror out of a m6. Unsure of the year, but it's a Gentex 313. I have the sunroof and planning to steal power. Anyone have the pin out? It's a 10 pin connector but with 3 wires in pin 6, 8, 10. Can't seem to to find anything with 3 wires...
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    Help! looking for Brake shim/anti rattle clip/hardware kit

    I got my rear brakes from rockauto and they included hardware.
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    Intermittent no start

    Thanks for the comments. Just a side note, before replacing the battery, it was showing the same symptoms. I will do as recommended and hopefully it's not the alternator. You would think that the car would go over 150k before failing.
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    Intermittent no start

    When it does act up, there is power but it's weak. Other times, I have to crank it a second time for it to start.
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    Intermittent no start

    Thanks for the reply. I changed the battery last year. The intermittent no start condition doesn't occur when cold. It occurs very randomly. I was thinking it's the spark plugs or ignition system. Since it's not happening all the time, I just decided to try to switch the plugs and valve cover...
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    Ticking sound

    This could be the tensioner pulley. Take the serpentine belt off and start the motor. Just don't let it run too long. You can also hand crank with the belt on.
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    Wrecked 2012 MZ5

    Revival....The unibody held up well. I guesstimate the Durango was clocking from 60 to 0 and followed really close. Glad no serious injuries and everyone walked away. The pile up looked really bad for the other vehicles. The Mazda survived. Looks better than other cars would be after a pile up.
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    Your brake line may need to be bled to reduce the pulsing. Never heard or seen a Mazda go 400k. Is yours equipped with the 2.3 liter or 2.5 liter.
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    So frustrated by our unreliable mazda5

    M5 is awesome. Easy to drive, not too many on the roads. Unique. Got 80k and runs well. Very happy with mine.
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    Intermittent no start

    Has anyone noticed their M5 for a no start or under power start? Not talking about just cold start. It happens randomly for me.
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    Anyone Get The Lift Gate Strut Recall Fix Yet?

    Waiting for the second notice for the recall. When I initially received me notice in 12/16, the dealer told me parts wouldn't be available until 2/17. Still not available.