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    Show me your wheels

    22" wheels Lol, i,d like to be next! Wife has a white 2015 CX5 with factory 17" wheels...I would like to get 22" wheels but am not sure of the correct offset for a flush stance. Would like to go (-9.5" wide, a lil concave/deep dish(ish) if finish is available in a sparkle deep gunmetal that...
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    Found Wix 57002 oil filters cheap at Rockauto

    Very nice find! Performed the 1st oil change for my wife's 2015 CX-5 touring and I was blown away at the design of the engine from underneath. Best design I have ever seen. Smart engineering made this the easiest and cleanest oil change of all the cars/trucks/ I have owned. On RockAuto the...
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    Best Roomate EVER!!! Just READ

    Ok so this is an old post that I shared some time ago on a few other forums I am a member on. I came across it and wanted to give a few people here a good read/laugh. Enjoy! :) It is an old Craigslist ad, and NO it is not mine....just a great laugh. $1000 Best. Roommate. Ever. Date...
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    Lowering my '14 Black Mica GT this friday with H&R lowering springs

    LOVE your avatar quote, SayNoToPistons... "Wheels, not rims". I have tried to "inform" younger homosapiens of the very very distinct difference, but alas, someone else gets it too! Lmao.....:)
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    Lowering my '14 Black Mica GT this friday with H&R lowering springs

    Lol, he doesnt need spacers...he needs new wheels with different offset. :) Love the drop. Looks nice. Im considering which springs to go with to lower ours as well, and this may have just made up my mind. Thanks for sharing! :)
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    Thinking of buying a CX5 ... Sport

    I agree with you about the stick, but maybe drive the auto 2.5 The power difference is a bit noticeable.
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    New 2015 CX5 Touring Owner

    Yes, the moonroof and the 9 speakers Bose was the only upgrade we have. Only wanted the moonroof but the Bose was part of the package.
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    Well, like a Bugatti, our new lil 2015 CX-5 Touring is now sporting 4 turbos!!!! Making almost 900whp, we're pretty ok, all jokes aside...I found this thread while looking into mods for the CX-5. This is my 1st direct injection vehicle so I admit, I am def still learning. If the...
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    New 2015 CX5 Touring Owner

    No, the vehicle is nice and quiet. Its not quite as quiet as our Audi RS5, but then again they are in total different classes. For what it is, and from all the other CUVs in its class, I/we felt the lil CX-5 was by FAR the best performer on just about ALL levels, including cabin serenity.
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    New 2015 CX5 Touring Owner

    Though i really dont have anything to compare them to, I would have to say I do not notice any wind least anything that bothers me. My wife has not mentioned anything either. I am pretty sensitive to annoying noises in vehicles...sorry, I hope this helps.
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Did you get the Bose system with yours or just the base system? We bought ours at Sport Mazda.
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    We bought our 2015 CX-5 Touring for $23,600 in Orlando. Had 7 miles on the odometer. No payments. Only options above the base Touring added to the vehicle was the 9 speaker Bose and Moon roof. I think we got a pretty good deal.
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    New 2015 CX5 Touring Owner

    Hello all. Im Lawrence and we recently bought a pearl white 2015 CX5 touring edition for my wife. Love the vehicle, HATE the infotainment system. Looking to replace it with an 8-9" Alpine or Kenwood model soon. Years and years ago I owned a 1989 323 GTX. Miss it everyday. Now we own the Mazda...