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Thread: Is this car worht it?

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    Question Is this car worht it?

    i have a tricked out mazda 626 96, and its time to get a new car. about all the hype of this mp3 im only down for its looks and the basic performance that it comes with the car. now is this car worth it? 3 are coming next week to a dealership in my neighborhood and im real tempeted to get this car. how would it compare to the racers of civic and integras and preludes? would it be able to hang with the stocked ones or maybe the sooped up ones with a stocked Mp3? email me and let me know. thanks laterz ...

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    Don't get another honda...not only is the MP3 one of the best looking sport compacts, it has awsome handling and character...not to mention the ratio of MP3's to hondas is like 1 to 9999999999999999999 wait 9999999999999...also fast hondas are played out! You will get much more respect/attention or "props" for a fast MP3 (turbo...supercharge)...

    my 2 cents

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    If you aren't planning to race. I guess the MP3 is the most fun to drive compact car in the market! Good looking, kick ass stereo, tight handling and unique! It is a little slow in term of speed, but good enough to kill some ricer car. Why another Honda when many new Sport Compact car will bring into the market next year?

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    It's definitely worth it. You just have to know who you can mess with. It's worth it just to be able to pull up to a red light and not see 20 other cars just like yours. Not to mention, it's fun explaining to everyone who asks all the intricacies of your ride!
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    where will this car be 5 years from now with all these cars coming into the lineup???

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    Whats makes the MP3 special is that there are only 250 in canada, or 1250 in the US. Thats really not alot. So basically, most of the people don't see this car so when they see it, they stare. In years? if no other mp3's are produced, there will still be people looking at it with questions. haha

    I still remember the first time i saw it ( i'm from canada so i didn't get to see it before i bought it... 2 months of waiting .. $*()@#$*(# mazda ) ... anyway starred at it for 2 minutes. Its hard to buy your first car EVER without test driving it or even seing it in real. [img]/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

    Sure there will be alot of cars to come out ...just this year or early next year thetre will be quite a few. limited editions cars like the SE-R ( nice engine, 6 speed but..... sentra...loooook! [img]/ubb/smile.gif[/img] ) .. Civic SI-R ( sweet engine for the price, FUCKEN ugly car ), Toyota Matrix ( theyll be a good rival to the P5 ... Mazda, better get a that 170 hp engine into the P5... etc . but you can always change the engine or add a turbo in 2-3 years if you want to compete, you won't get the MP3's charm if you don't have an MP3. Oh yeah,
    MP3 = Mazda = quality.

    If you want to compare a car that still looks cool today.. look a 97 Blue Impresa RS 2.5 as example ( or Japan's WRX ) its still really NICE today...

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