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Thread: jacking points and jack stand placement

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    jacking points and jack stand placement

    I'd like someone to confirm where I should jack my MSP from and place jack stands.
    floor jack locations:
    front - small dome near front bumper slightly towards drivers side
    rear - in back of sway bar, in front of spare; small, square, metal bracket in middle of car between suspension "X"
    jack stands:
    front - ~1 ft in from side, toward front door hinges
    rear - frame rails behind rear tires OR in front of rear tire where metal housing for suspension piece resides

    I know the front jack location works.
    I have also used the front "rails", not the pinch welds, for my jack stands. I placed them just behind the curve of the rail. This seemed to hold the car steady while I was changing the oil.

    What I want to do next is rotate the tires. To do this I either need to put 1 side on 2 jack stands or put the entire car up on 4 jack stands.
    I can't find a place to jack 1 side of the car up from so I am assuming I need to jack the front, put jack stands, then the rear, then the final jack stands.

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    You want to jack up front to rear (or vice versa) and support it in kind. Do not jack it left to right.

    You're good on the jack placiing. Placing the stands under the rails is also correct. The pinch weldes on the body area tend to fold under the weight.

    After I put a car on stands, I typically give it a good nudge or 3 to feel any wobble while it's up. If it feels unsteady, it probably is.

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    All this Internet available and no one ever takes pictures of the jack points and posts them online for others to see :P

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