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Thread: Cylinder 3 misfire?

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    Question Cylinder 3 misfire?

    Does anyone know why I get a CEL code for a cylinder misfire? What could be causing this? The spark plugs have less than 8k miles on them, so do the wires. I have a pretty open-ended exhaust, could that be the problem?

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    BUMP anyone?

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    lots of things can cause a misfire...and other codes thrown with the misfire? I assuming you had some way to know why the MIL was on, so a reader or something?...

    could have just been a one time thing doesn't necessarily mean you have a problem....a lot of times it can be caused simply by a bad shot of gas into the cylinder...with a little moisture or impurities...

    what type of conditions did it occur in? on a hot day with the AC on at low rpm or something?...the conidtions may help find why it happened...
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    My Malibu has a no#2 cylinder misfire. The tech hooked up the obd computer and a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail. He then fired each injector individually and you could see the fuel pressure jump and the hear the injector click. Long story short, all the injectors but #2 were working.
    Other causes:
    spark plug
    spark plug wire
    coil pack
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    try this my lx had the same problemit hasn't returned for a while


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    i had the code once, it was due to my washing my engine bay and i had water in the cylinder, above the spark plug, i used some vaccum line and sucked the water out - problem went away.
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    look on the least you haven't succumb to bent valves..many FS-DE's have fallen victim to over-rev and wasted valves..cams keep going more and more teeth back and eventually you just blow the motor..

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    just brought my 5 in for a #1 misfire.....said it might be a burnt valve or something.....i replaced plugs, coils and wires...still no go

    so we'll see what they come back with
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