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Thread: How To: Remove Roof Rack (P5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverProtege5 View Post
    Do you have a part number for the filler strips that go on the top of the car?
    I just purchased the parts from, ,
    You need both right and left part numbers and order 10 clips...
    right is: BJ3D509H0E
    left is: BJ3D509L0E
    clips is: G1YS50629B

    The total with shipping: $140.88

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    Pics doesn't work anymore...can't see them. I'm about to do the same job, and I was wondering if anyone saved his how to into a pdf format so I could see images too.
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    Pics are working for me. He basically took all the inner roof liner off to access the bolts for the strips. That was it.

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    does anyone know if u can remove the antenna with the roof liner off....

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    any suggestions? im new to this so feel free to help me out.

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    yes you can remove the antenna when the headliner c remove a nut and a connection is disconnected!

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    is there anywhere else that i can buy those "fillers" cheaper?
    Oh, you hate speedbumps?...

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    I know this is not exactly the subject of this thread but does anyone know the product numbers of the pieces that you put in place to fill the gap that removing the crossbars leaves?

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    So much work for a roof rack,i cant decide if I want just the cross bars off or the whole thing, both replacement part strip or rail caps are about tye same price. I think it does look sharper without it though. Still I don't trust myself not to break anything. Nice walkthruogh easy to follow

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    yep forget it ill just get the rail caps if i can find them
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    My P5 build thread
    emergency part out!

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    I need to replace my sunroof motor... this helps a great deal... THANKS!

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    I just pulled off my roof rack. Had to pull the headliner out. Having the car repainted. To pull the fender off I also had to pull part of the front bumper cover off and pull the headlight out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELEmental59437 View Post
    The replacement part numbers are BJ3D-50-9H0D and BJ3D-50-9LOE. I didnt order these as they are hella expensive, instead I traded my roof rack for the parts off a Canadian P5. I paid for shipping my parts and he paid for shipping his and it was an even trade. He had to drill a few holes but I hear everything went well with his install.
    Is it really necessary to use filler strips? What's under the strips? Just paint? I mean, my P5 is now 12 years old. I'm more interested in function/price over form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonereb View Post
    Is it really necessary to use filler strips? What's under the strips? Just paint? I mean, my P5 is now 12 years old. I'm more interested in function/price over form.
    This thread is also 11 years old. What sort of function/price do you get out of removing a roof rack?

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    Tried searching...but maybe I'm just wording it wrong. my P5 doesn't have a the same process & parts to eliminate the roof rack rails?

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    It shoyld be no different at all.
    Maybe less woek to get the riof liner out is all.

    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyRdR83 View Post
    Tried searching...but maybe I'm just wording it wrong. my P5 doesn't have a the same process & parts to eliminate the roof rack rails?

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