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Thread: Flashing third brake light?

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    @Ryan, I know this thread is ancient, but I recently did this on my P5 with this little gem from Amazon:
    This unit flashes 8 times: 4 fast, 4 slightly slower and then stays steady on until the brake pedal is released and depressed again.
    I looked up the wiring diagram for my hi mount stop light and found that it only draws about 5-6 watts so I decided to try it out. It works flawlessly and was fairly easy to install. I'll be getting another one for my wife's P5 soon so I can do a write-up on that if you're interested.

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    Some cops don't like flashing brake lights...

    Still a great idea though... Really draws attention.
    I like to tap my brake pedal before a turn to flash the brake lights.

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    In Australia, flashing (Adaptive) brake lights on modern cars are only for emergency stops i.e., when the ABS are activated. Illegal otherwise.

    What's the law in the US on this?

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