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Thread: Clunk/pop in drivers front wheel

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    Clunk/pop in drivers front wheel

    Hi all: 105k on my 2013 Cx-5. Hearing a clunk or pop when going over dips in the road or when the drivers front has to flex when pulling into driveways and what not. I replaced both front end links as well as complete quick struts (strut, coil, mount etc). Anything else it could be?

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    ball joint maybe? with the wheel off the ground grab the top and bottom of the tire and try to move it back and forth if it moves and clunks thats probably the problem.

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    I had a similar thing in my 2019. Although I am not sure if it is exactly the same, then I went over bumps (intermittantly) there was a clunk noise.

    I took it in and there were some loose bolts on the cross bar in the engine (closer to the windshield).

    Maybe give everything a quick knock to make sure you dont have anything loose?


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