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Thread: Mazda navigation sd cards

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    Mazda navigation sd cards

    Hello Everyone,

    I have few OEM card for Mazda for sale. They are all have different index (last letter) - but they all will have same latest map updates after using Mazda toolbox.

    All 101% unused and not locked with other cars VIN. As you can see they all have different serial numbers.

    Paypal ONLY. 50 usd + free worldwide shipping. if interested PM.

    USA / Canada /Mexico
    * -1pcs / G - 1pcs / J- 2pcs / F - 3pcs / K - 2pcs / H - 2 pcs /

    D - 1pcs / J- 2pcs / K - 2pcs / H - 2 pcs /

    H - 1 pcs

    will work with this models

    Mazda 2 2014-2019

    Mazda 3 2014-2018

    Mazda 6 2015-2019

    Mazda Mx*-5 2014-2019

    Mazda Cx-3 2014-2019

    Mazda Cx-5 2015-2019

    Mazda Cx-9 2015-2019

    PS...We export cars from different countries that's how we got these cards. in our country they are useless so we sell them.

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    Please read the Marketplace Rules here...

    You can PM me or azuelke when you have the required picture(s). Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Required picture received and added...Thread re-opened...Note the URL / Domain should be "".

    ATTN: If anyone is interested in one of these, I would highly recommend asking the seller for specific photos (clearly showing all the label information) with the signage of the SD Card.
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