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Thread: 2017 Mazda 6 Transmission Fluid Flush and Coolant Flush

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    2017 Mazda 6 Transmission Fluid Flush and Coolant Flush

    At the dealer and they said they recommend the transmission fluid and coolant to be flushed every 30k miles, I have 36k miles currently, looking at the manual this seems like complete BS as they recommend coolant at 120K miles and no transmission flush.

    Are they just trying to fleece me or are they correct? Not doing coolant today as I don't think it's needed, I did do transmission as some searching did find people saying to do it 30-45K still.

    Just looking for what everyone thinks.

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    I believe from the owner's manual, both the auto transmission fluid and coolant are suppose to last the life of the car. Manual gear box oil change schedule is 112K miles or 180K Km. Otherwise the owner's manual only suggest inspection of these fluids.

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