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Thread: Key FOB distance failing

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    Key FOB distance failing

    Have 2 original key FOBs with new batteries. have always ran my car with keys on the floor. Today while getting gas a Costco, I was unable to turn key..WTH? Moved the keys to the steering wheel and started right up. My wife told me she had the same problem with her FOB. Any Ideas what could be happening? 2013 CX9 Grand Touring

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    Are the new batteries any good? I've used some no-name batteries that gave very poor service. If it's a Duracell or EverReady, it should work better than this. (Did you remove any insulating sticker from the battery before you put it in?)

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    Had to replace the car's receiver circuit board in an 01 Olds once for a similar reason. Operating distance to vehicle was diminishing and eventually FOBs failed to unlock the doors standing right at the car, even w/ brand new batteries.

    I get a warning message on the dash of this 2018 CX5 in the am when I shutdown now (twice) that states FOB battery is low I need to replace the FOB battery soon. 11,000 miles and 1-1/2 years of very part-time use and the FOB battery is low? Smells fishy to me. I've only replaced batteries in my Suzuki's FOBs once in 10 years after a heck of a lot more use and miles.
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    Clue 1: while working on replacing FI2, battery on car went dead. New code said "Low Voltage". Took car in and discovered Car Battery failed test. Replaced with new 5 year warranted battery on car and everything is happy again, All codes clear

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