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BTW, I also used to own a 7 Series Big Money Waster, and definitely miss the seats (but little else) in that car.
My BMW was kind of a coincidental purchase. We bought it from a relative that treated the car as a garage queen, never really drove it and just had it for the sake of having one. It was more or less a trophy of sorts, like a psychological victory that a BMW was in the garage. Relative got tired of it and wanted to trade it in and was gonna be upside down. Since we had teens that were about to drive, we knew we needed to add a good used vehicle to the fleet. So, we paid off his loan and it was ours. I guess I'm trying to say that I didn't necessarily want a BMW, just that it presented itself and we couldn't pass up the opportunity. So far, it's been trouble-free and I've only spent on maintenance.

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My pros for the 2008 were:
- V6 engine. I won't get into the argument about it being a 100% Ford product (it wasn't), but that engine was great with the exception of the water pump design.
Let me be clear that I didn't say that the gen1 CX-9 is a 100% Ford product, it wasn't. It did have a majority of the Ford DNA where it counted, i.e. engine, transmission, chassis (shared with XC90, Explorer, Edge). Mazda did a tremendous job making it distinctly a Mazda, but gen2, being all Mazda, is better in that regard. The Duratec V6 is a good engine, but that water pump design is a real achilles heel.

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- Size/Room - I was VERY disappointed when the gen2 came out and was smaller except for the silly nose.
I guess if size and roominess is a priority, the CX-9 will not be the toprunner there. To me, I see it as a 5+2. My priority was driving dynamics and the CX-9's size was perfect for our needs.