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Thread: Totalled 2008 CX9 - Thoughts from folks who moved to Gen 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thaumaturge View Post
    BTW, I also used to own a 7 Series Big Money Waster, and definitely miss the seats (but little else) in that car.
    My BMW was kind of a coincidental purchase. We bought it from a relative that treated the car as a garage queen, never really drove it and just had it for the sake of having one. It was more or less a trophy of sorts, like a psychological victory that a BMW was in the garage. Relative got tired of it and wanted to trade it in and was gonna be upside down. Since we had teens that were about to drive, we knew we needed to add a good used vehicle to the fleet. So, we paid off his loan and it was ours. I guess I'm trying to say that I didn't necessarily want a BMW, just that it presented itself and we couldn't pass up the opportunity. So far, it's been trouble-free and I've only spent on maintenance.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thaumaturge View Post
    My pros for the 2008 were:
    - V6 engine. I won't get into the argument about it being a 100% Ford product (it wasn't), but that engine was great with the exception of the water pump design.
    Let me be clear that I didn't say that the gen1 CX-9 is a 100% Ford product, it wasn't. It did have a majority of the Ford DNA where it counted, i.e. engine, transmission, chassis (shared with XC90, Explorer, Edge). Mazda did a tremendous job making it distinctly a Mazda, but gen2, being all Mazda, is better in that regard. The Duratec V6 is a good engine, but that water pump design is a real achilles heel.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thaumaturge View Post
    - Size/Room - I was VERY disappointed when the gen2 came out and was smaller except for the silly nose.
    I guess if size and roominess is a priority, the CX-9 will not be the toprunner there. To me, I see it as a 5+2. My priority was driving dynamics and the CX-9's size was perfect for our needs.

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    I have no experience with the Gen 1 CX-9. I never came to love the looks as much as the new CX-9. After a year and a half, two cross country trips and about 18k miles we are happy with the CX-9 GT AWD. It is one of the quietest vehicles I've ever driven including some older BMW's and Mercedes. It's that good. The handling with the G-Vectoring is very good and my only really beef is the motor. It's fun and it's quick off the line but as someone said you can "catch it sleeping" once in awhile depending on how your foot action is. I think the motor overall works fine but I can see the need for a V-6 or perhaps Mazda's supposed new inline 6. The AWD system is adequate but it has to think before it acts. I've got a 3.5 Honda V6 in my Honda Ridgeline and I'd have to say I prefer that motor. It has 280 HP ( 262 torque) and it just feels more stout and the power is always there and consistent. It also has Honda/Acura's torque vectoring AWD system ( SH-AWD) and that is a whole different experience from the Mazda. That thing is always on and feels like a rear drive vehicle. Brilliant in wet and snow.

    The field for this segment ( mid size 3 rows and slightly bigger compact 2 rows SUV's) has gotten very crowded. If I were to do it all again the only other ones I would take a hard look at would be the Telluride, the Acura RDX and believe it or not the Jeep Grand Cherokee. I never thought about current Jeep G.C but I was just in my friends Limited and it was much nicer than I thought it would be. It's also riding on a good proven rear-drive platform that was developed by Mercedes when they were in bed together. i'm not sure I would trust the reliability but having that rear drive platform ( no 3rd row and don't care) and it's ability to do some fairly aggressive off roading with a great V6, 8 speed auto would have me taking a look this time. I wanted to like the new Explorer but saw it and the interior felt cheap compared to the CX-9 and this was in the top trim. I'd also look at the new Highlander as its a Toyota but unless they inject some fun into I'd pass. The current version while bulletproof is boring and dated.

    Just my .02

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gitter View Post
    We used to have a 2013 CX-9 Touring which we traded for Tacoma in 2017 because we needed to haul odd-sized items for a few years. Now that our 3 kids are getting bigger (and we no longer haul odd-sized items), we eventually found ourselves back in a 2018 CX-9 GT (last month). After test driving many other 3-row SUVs (in this price range), Mazda still has the best handling and driving SUV.

    When comparing the 1st and 2nd gens, I feel the biggest changes are in engine and in the technology...everything else is minor. Handling is still on par with gen 1's handling. This includes vehicle maneuverability as well as transmission smoothness.

    First and foremost, I though the 4-cylinder would be a bit of let-down since I knew how the V6 used to drive. I am happy to report that it is much better than the V6 in just about every way and am extremely happy with it. The only way it may fall behind the V6 is if you really load down the vehicle (ie, towing something). Otherwise, it is peppier, torquier, and more efficient than the V6. And that is all down in the lower RPM range where the majority of my daily driving occurs. Reliability is the only one that we won't know until later down the road, but a warranty will usually cover you if it ends-up falling short. By then, it will be time to trade in for the in-line 6 or the Skyactive-X! lol

    All of the tech upgrades are a huge step up over our gen 1 (which had a tech package of some sort). The HUD (aka, active driving display) is just plain awesome! I thought it was just a nice-to-have feature when researching, but after only 2 weeks of driving the CX-9 daily, I really feel odd when in another car without it. I just wish it would work with Google Maps driving directions (like it does with the OEM nav).

    Also with the tech upgrades, the headlights are a big improvement over the 1st gen...especially if you have the adaptive/auto lighting. The adaptive cruise control is also quite good (better than what Toyota has in its now standard TSS).

    The headunit with Nav is not a huge upgrade, but it can be had with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay finally! I had it installed in our 2018 without any issue. It takes a few days to get used to the wheel interface (instead of touchscreen), but it is now future proof vs the already outdated OEM maps and the Gracenote album art database.

    Our only real concern (when testing gen 2) was that we noticed is that the rear visibility seems slightly less than gen 1. It initially had my wife concerned after our first test drive, but with all of the tech goodies in the GT, all worries went to the way-side because it definitely helps minimizes the issues with those blind spots.

    You won't regret the gen 2 once you test it out (assuming the seats are still to your liking). Take the time to do an extended test drive after really dialing in your seating position.

    Honestly, I feel the seats are better in gen 2 over the gen 1. I think this goes to show that this is more subjective than the driving characteristics tend to be. However, keep in mind that we had a couple years in the Tacoma which had far worse seating than the CX-9. lol Anyways, the driver seat now has memory function...that was one thing my wife and I hated in the gen 1 (adjust a power seat and mirrors every other day was a PITA because it was so slow). Now, we just click a button that does it all for me before I even start the engine (except the rear-view mirror). I would also note that I liked the CX-9 seats over the CX-5 seats (which I drove for a full day while they installed my Android Auto upgrade). It wasn't much of a difference, but it was noticeable for me. Oh, yet another note is that my CX-9 was 1 year old when we bought our seats may have already been broken in.

    I also believe that the 2nd and 3rd row seats have been improved based on what I remember from our gen CX-9, but take that with a grain of salt since I basically never sat back there.

    Hope that helps and I am glad that you are okay after your accident!

    This is a good thread. I'm a 2010 CX-9 owner, trying to get one more winter out of it. (former Mazda 6 wagon owner too) I'm also a conflicted Tacoma owner I know the Tacoma will last forever, but do I want to drive such an uncomfortable, noisy, rough riding truck forever ?

    Anyway, we're looking at wagons to replace the CX-9 and haven't really considered the new CX-9. I wish Mazda would bring their Euro wagon to North America. I'm looking at VW-Audi Alltrack/Allroad, Volvo V60 and similar. I do like Hondas and the new 2019- RDX looks like a good choice in place of a wagon. Like has been noted here, Mazda offers great handling, elegant styling and nice interiors to compete with the luxury brands, at a more modest price. I'll definitely try the new CX-9.

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