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Thread: 2005 Mazda6 Vs Speed 6 ?

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    2005 Mazda6 Vs Speed 6 ?

    Have a Mazda6 2005, would like to know if anyone has put a Mazda speed 6 engine on it and Trans, looking to modify

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    I turbo-ed a NA 2001 Protege MP3 FDS motor before.. it turns out to be more involved than most people think
    (way more than i expected).
    Its not just -put turbo on, hook up a wire and drive away... its all the small shit that gives the most problems....
    vaccumm lines, wiring/harnesses, oil lines, ECU tuning program and so on...

    They may have the same engine. one is turbocharged.
    may have the same trans. MAN. or AUTO

    Do some research on the engine model to see if the MS6 has the same only turbo-ed.
    if so you could get a factory MS6 turbo system for your NA 6...*?
    But that is a lot of work and hassle for a little bit of boost..

    id suggest finding a aftermarket turbo kit (full system- turbo, intercooler - piping, fuel delivery system, ignition system, elec. wires/harnesses, sensors
    oil feed/return lines- fittings, exhaust mani, piggyback or SA ECU, tuning software and all the little parts needed that get over looked....

    why do all that work to get the same amount of HP as a stockMS6... ???

    however I wish you luck!! keep posted....ZOOM-ZOOM

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