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Thread: Power window switch replacement (with auto fold switch)

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    Power window switch replacement (with auto fold switch)

    Hello guys, I have replaced power window switch on the driver side (the one with manual folding knob with auto-folding switch; basically the PW switch has been replaced by the one which comes with M6 model 2017 and above).

    Everything works as expected - except auto-folding when doors are locked and unlocked. I know it's bummer but that will not stop me

    How it works now:
    press switch for manual folding - OK
    press switch for manual un-folding - OK
    switch in "auto" position - mirror is automatically unfolded when ignition is ON or engine started - OK
    switch in "auto" position - mirror is automatically unfolded when doors are unlocked - NOT OK
    switch in "auto" position - mirror is automatically folded when doors are locked - NOT OK

    I'm quite sure that 2017 model has somehow connection between lock actuator and power window switch, which older model hasn't. But unfortunately I didn't find any good wiring diagrams of 2017 models... only for 2014 which is somehow useless, since it has not mirror auto-folding description. Does any one of you have an idea about 2017 model wiring diagram or info about how the lock is connected with PW switch?

    I know there is an original retrofit auto-folding kit for older models <2016, but I wanted to do more precious with original switch from face-lifted model.

    Thanks for any hint where to look.

    BTW. I have found some Japanese info how to do it for switch which has auto-open/close Function For Driver-side only but I have for all windows and it has different cabling.
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