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Thread: Hitch Installation on 2018 CX-9 -- lower panel safe to remove?

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    Hitch Installation on 2018 CX-9 -- lower panel safe to remove?

    Looking at the hitch installation video from eTrailer -- -- they mention that the lower trip plate is going to stay off. It seems like that plate assembly keeps the middle of the bumper cover attached to the frame. Is it okay to keep this cover off, then, or will it cause any additional noises/rattles/etc?

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    I have not had any problems. I think the hitch itself keeps the bumper pretty well in place.

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    No problems.

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    There are two "tower" brackets that go from the frame to the bumper. These brackets are also what the trim plate attaches to. Those brackets get reinstalled without the trim plate and connect to the bumper to prevent it from vibrating after the hitch gets installed.

    That's what I experienced when installing the drawtite class III hitch.
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