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Thread: Looking for someone with a 2017+ non North American Mazda w/ Lane-Keep Assist

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    Post Looking for someone with a 2017+ non North American Mazda w/ Lane-Keep Assist

    Hi all,

    I'm currently trying to modify my car and add an option that all other regions have, except for North America. More info here if interested:

    Anyways I would really appreciate it if anyone will help me by performing a very simple "experiment" on their car and letting me know the results. All I need is someone with a 2017+ Mazda (non North American model) that has lane-keep assist.

    Ok here is what I need:
    1. Turn on vehicle.
    2. Go in vehicle settings > safety > Lane-Keep Assist System.
    3. Turn on the intervention option if it is off.
    4. There should an option called "Intervention Timing" where you can select "Early" or "Late" (this is missing in North American cars). Write down or remember the option that is currently selected.
    5. Now turn off the intervention option.
    6. The "Intervention Timing" option should change to "Alert Timing". In America you can choose only "At" or "Before" for this option, but it might be different for you. Whatever it is, just change the "Alert Timing" option to anything else than the currently selected option.
    8. Now turn the intervention option back on again.
    9. Look at the option that is selected for "Intervention Timing", has this option changed from the one you wrote down/remembered in step 4. Let me know!!
    If the option did not change and you guys have more than 2 options available for the "Alert Timing" setting in step 6, it would also be great if you repeat steps 5-9 but choose a different option for the "Alert Timing" setting.

    Thank you very much for anyone who helps me out!!

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    I have a new 2020 Signature purchased in Cali, Colombia. It came with Lane Assist Control. Of all the wonderful safety features on the car I find it the least useful in my driving conditions (no long straight interstates) and have turned it off.

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    I know some other people who say it's annoying, but I'd like to try it and see how it is myself.
    Make sure your lane-keep assist is set to early. Mazda lane keep assist has two modes. When it is set to early it constantly adjusts the steering to keep you in the center, even on curves. When it is set to late, it only corrects steering once you are already out of your lane. My car already has LKAS but for North America you can't change the mode to early.
    Please if you have time do my little experiment, should only take 2 minutes!
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    Yes, that is exactly what I'm trying to do!
    Here's a video from MazdaEurope explaining the feature:

    I see you're in Canada so you also probably don't have the early setting.
    For others, if you skip to 0:52 in the video, notice that when the Intervention option is switched off, the "Intervention Timing" setting changes to "Alert Timing". With my experiment, I'm trying to see whether these two settings are correlated at all. All I need from you guys is to play with the "Intervention Timing" or "Alert Timing" setting, then change the Intervention to on/off and see if it changed the other timing setting.

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