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I have to imagine they'll be more changes than seen on the paper in the video. This should be a more thorough refresh rather than a few feature changes as it is mid-cycle. I'm certain they'll be the usual grill changes and such. The 1st Gen CX-9 went through 3 different front ends.

I have to say I fully didn't expect them to offer captains chairs in the CX-9. I figured if Mazda ever intended so, it would have been the case from the start. Personally, I enjoy having the bench with the 7 person capability vs 6.

Interesting that the Signature's Auburn leather is going away and being replaced by the walnut brown found in the Mazda 6 Signature.

I am not sure I understand their proposed concept of captains chairs. The main reason people would want o go with the option (at least for vans) is to allow for easier access to the third row. I don't know why anyone would not simply choose to keep the current iteration since they can simply flip the armrest down and gain the functionality of a console, but also get the 7th seat if needed. Odd decision

I am interested to see what wheel offerings the signature gets as well as whether they add the third row AC vent as well as beef up the entertainment unit. An interior piano finish delete, as well as increased front console capacity would be welcome.