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Thread: Tire Rack snow tire recommends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvainm View Post

    It's a very personal choice, nothing scientific. I relied on reviews, like I did before getting my cx-5. I looked on 1010tires, pmctires, protégez-vous, car and driver, and others. WS-90 is a new model for which there is no reviews yet. It's predecessor, WS-80, seemed to be a very good tire as well, although it's generaly reviewed as passenger cars tire, rather than suv's. On tire rack, reviewers gave a slight advantage to the DM-V2, namely for dry performance and noise level.

    My question to you: which brand of tpms did you get? I think the Mazda ones are overpriced, but if I could find aftermarket sensors at a better price and that don't need special programming, I'd buy them.

    Sylvainm: Thanks for the info. When I started researching last year the DM-V2 was my top pick but now that the WS-90 is out I will have to do some more research. My COSTCO tire guy has always been helpful. I'll talk to him this week. Here is a picture of the TPMS I got from my Mazda dealer to install on my 17" alloy "winter" rims:

    autel sensor (2).jpg

    There is info in the manual under "Tire Pressure Monitoring System", "Changing the tires yourself" on how to (re)set the TPMS if you are installing a new set yourself. It is really easy to do.
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    Sylvainm, for tire sensors I would figure out the OEM Mazda part numbers of the sensors, then search that part number on eBay. You should get some results that show much cheaper options. In some cases, you can use the sensors from other vehicles (like the Mazda6 or CX-3, for example).

    I did the same thing when I swapped DM-V2s onto my OEM wheels and needed a second set of sensors for my summer wheels. I was able to find a full set of OEM Mazda sensors with a similar P/N (BBM2-37-140A vs the OEM BBM2-37-140B) for $50 USD. No special programming required, and no TPMS warning lights even after swapping my winter wheels back on last night.

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    kdaug, sm1ke, thanks for the advices; it helped. Drove to my favorite tire mechanics this morning. They sell Schrader universal tpms' and program them, at a reasonable price; so I told them to add it to my tire & wheel order. Should be seamless, I hope...

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