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Thread: Talk me out of buying 16/17 CPO Lexus RX350 vs a new CX5 GT Reserve

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unobtanium View Post
    Please make this make sense.
    Taurus - rides high almost as high as a CX-3 comfortable to get in and out. Come in SHO trim that is fun and has a huge trunk + if he doesn't like ladies' cars - it fits the bill.
    Lastly - Ford sedan values are crushed now. Whatever 19s are left are sold with 30+% discounts. 25k for a 38K MSRP fusion and so on. Taurus is not much different.

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    Isn't a Lexus just an overpriced Toyota anyway?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mox44ah View Post
    Isn't a Lexus just an overpriced Toyota anyway?
    Following that line of thinking, isn't a Signature just an overpriced Mazda?

    Some will say yes, some will say no. It's up to the buyer to decide what a vehicle is worth.
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    An approach on a CPO is to research common known issues and inspect/repair anything while still under CPO warranty. I like to do my own inspection myself (leaks, weird sounds, vibrations, ect.)

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