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Thread: Anyone running 16" wheels?

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    Anyone running 16" wheels?

    Just curious if anyone here is running 16" wheels. They are plentiful and cheap on Craigslist. Mazda, Hyundai, and Kia are the 3 biggest sources of OEM light 16" alloys that will fit. I like larger tires for lighter weight, more sidewall, and improved ride quality.

    I'm looking at 235/70/16 for my next tire size.

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    Yeah, I use the OE 16" steelies I saved from a 2010 Mazda 3 with 225/70r16 winter tires. Used them on both my 2016 and 2018 CX-5s.

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    Pics would be very much appreciated.

    I am thinking of running these down to 30-40% or so and replacing with 235/70/16 on OEM 16" Mazda alloys. That way, I will sell the vehicle with the OE wheels and tires. Did the same with last vehicle.

    I like fat tires. They massively improved the ride over the OE 20s and also reduced road noise significantly.

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