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Thread: Oil Change -- Lesser of Two Evils

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    The first thing I will do when I take delivery of my new Signature this or early next week is check the oil level. Today I traded in my current vehicle , a Renault Duster 4x4 model 2015. In the full analysis required by the new car dealer there appeared a bit of oil escaping from the top of the engine. All oil changes for the life of the car have been done by Renault. Being lazy I only checked oil level once after their servicing. Indeed it was overfilled by a bit. Probably the case with the other changes though I didn't check. I have always read that a principal reason for oil leakage is the over filling of the crankcase. I strongly suspect my engine leakage is due to that. I think it is pretty common that if the manual calls for 4,5 quarts the mechanic just dumps in all of the last (5th) can. Easier than emptying that half quart into ecologically friendly waste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoomZoomForever View Post
    Just saying that has nothing to do with a warranty, either. Surely, this would never happen at a stealership.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaps View Post
    Oil Change frequency does not overlap with Tire rotations. After 60K miles I am planning on spacing out OC at about 8-10K miles and tire rotations stay at 6K miles.

    Discount tires ftw.

    I rotate every 5k miles and oil change every 10k miles. The last 2 tire rotations included free nail/screw removal and repair at Discount tires. Now that's time savings hitting 2 birds with one stone.

    When I get home I do oil change on ramps. Easy peasy job with the Fumoto valve. While draining oil I clean the AEM dry flow filter by giving it a few good wacks to remove dirt/sand/leaves. Deep cleaned in water/soap every 3 oil changes.

    $30-$35 savings from dealership at around the same time frame...not including cost and time savings with Discount Tires repairing tires.

    Positive dealership experience includes: the free donuts/popcorn/coffee, free car wash w/free swirl marks, and on a serious note they usually do a free inspection for leaks, damage, brake pads, ect. Not to mention they top off my windshield wiper fluids for free.
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    Given that many manufacturers will look for any reason to deny warranty coverage, I typically have all regular maintenance done at the dealer during the warranty period. That way, I have a documented record of work done at an authorized shop using Mazda parts and fluids.

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