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Thread: 2011 Mazda 6 - Aftermarket Head Unit

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    2011 Mazda 6 - Aftermarket Head Unit

    Hey everyone,

    Quick question for anyone with experience having changed their head unit to an aftermarket one. Looking to purchase a Kenwood and was going to use a Metra 70-7903 wiring harness.

    Now I know this harness will not preserve the stock display above the radio for anything related to the audio function, but what will show there? Will my climate control symbols still be active and I just lose the clock? Does the info button still work for viewing gas mileage etc?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Have you checked with Crutchfield? They can typically answer all of those questions. I've had great luck with them over the years.
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    I just upgraded the system in my 2015 6 (with Bose). See what Crutchfield suggests for your car. They offer discounts on the additional gear if you buy it all from them.

    Even if you shop around, they give you a good place to start as far as what you need.

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