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Thread: New battery at 4 yrs 41k miles???

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    New battery at 4 yrs 41k miles???

    Battery was starting to show weakness. AAA tested it and it was down to about 330 CCA. Seems like I should have gotten more life out of it but oh well. It's a non-iEloop 2016 GT. Car is always garage parked and I live in Upstate SC so no extreme weather conditions. I do tend to drive short errands at times so I bet that caused some of the shortened life.

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    Batteries these days seem to last only about 3 to 4 years

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    My '16 GT w/ iEloop was replaced at around 4 yr old also.
    Same as my daughter's '14 Mazda3. They both lasted about four yrs.
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    It would very nearly constitute a miracle if a battery lasted 4 years where I live.
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