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Thread: 2002 protege5 solenoids

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    2002 protege5 solenoids

    Hey Guys,

    Im still progressing on my protege5. I just got the egr solenoid replacement ( intermotor #vs212) . oem-mitsubishi k5t449090-fso5-2420

    I am also going to replace the original vcts and vcis solenoids. All 3 original with 196k.

    I read that all 3 solenoids are the same, so i bought 3 intermotor vs212.

    However, the vcts and vcis are both oem-mitsubishi k5t49091-kl01-2419.

    I am now thinking that I might be in error thinking all 3 are interchangeable.

    Does anyone know if all 3 solenoids are interchangeable or do i need to do more research and buy the specific part # for the vcts and vcis.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


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    The three solenoids appear to be the same but I'm pretty sure one of them has a different electrical connector with different spacing between the two terminals.

    The Diagram Dude

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    The vics and vtcs are the same, I switched them before because my vics went out and I took the vtcs out so I had it laying around.

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    Thanks for replies ...when i pulled the vics and vtcs they were the same numbers but different than the egr solenoid.
    I'm wondering if the 3 solenoids i bought (vs212) would also work in the vtcs and vics locations.
    I am trying to avoid using them if they dont work cause at $55 each I would like to return them to rock auto
    and buy the right ones!!!! Thanks again

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