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Thread: 2002 mazda protoge manual transmission problems?

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    2002 mazda protoge manual transmission problems?

    The other day I was hard shifting my protoge. My manual transmission ended up sticking in 4th gear. When I put car in neutral it was in gear. When I put the car in 1st, 2nd, 5th the car feels like it is in gear with the e brake on. It will not move no matter how much gas I use. When i put the car in reverse it wants to drive forward but with e brake feeling again. When the car is in 3rd 4th and neutral I can drive forward but feels like in 4th gear. Clutch works and let's the transmission free. When the car is being driven there is an audible clunk clunk clunk coming from transmission, mitotic area. Not sure if its clutch, transmission, or shifting linkage. Please help me guys. Much appreciated. My car is a 2.0 L

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    Sounds like something in the linkage broke. Need to get under the car and check it out.
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