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Thread: Problems removing brake booster... help please.

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    Problems removing brake booster... help please.

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm trying to replace the brake booster, but it's getting stuck on the pipes that go to the heater core through the firewall. Do I need to separate the booster from the master cylinder before I try to remove the booster? The master cylinder won't separate easily from the booster. I removed the two bolts that secure the brake master cylinder to the booster, but the cylinder is stuck to the booster. Any tips or trick would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you,

    2010 CX9 AWD

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    I have not done the job and I'm only commenting based on past experience. There has to be some kind of connection to the push-rod to deal with as well. I don't know how this is done in the CX-9 but I suspect that there is another connection related to this that is causing the issue. I'm pretty sure you need to decouple the booster from the master cylinder to complete this job.

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    Did you get it completed - I am ordering a new brake booster and master cylinder today and plan on tackling job this week. Any tips?

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