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Thread: Front Bumper Tow Hook License Plate Mount

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    Front Bumper Tow Hook License Plate Mount

    I see the CX-9 has the round cover for the front tow hook and a lot of other cars use that to mount the front license plate. Has anyone used this yet. I searched the forum couldn't find anyone who has done this yet. Would it block the front parking sensors?

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    I recently traded my 2017 Cx-5 for 2019 Cx-9 which I had Ijdmtoy tow hook adapter. The rod is to short to completely screw in tightly. I couldn't find another solution. Wound up drilling for stock center license plate.

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    I have a front license plate mount from Rho-plate. I've had it for almost a year now. I contacted them inj August 2018 to ask about a mounting kit for the CX-9 since they didn't offer one at the time. They worked with me over email to get the measurements of the OEM tow hook and the pitch and thread of the receiving nut that the tow hook/plate mount screws into. Then they sent me something that they thought might fit. Tested it out and it works great. Mine seems to be a one-off unit though, as they don't seem to have an option for the 2016+ CX-9 on their website.

    The problem is that the parking sensor underneath the grille does occasionally catch the license plate if the plate isn't adjusted to be more diagonal. Meaning, the "344" side of the license plate needs to be tilted a few degrees upwards, towards the headlight. The bracket is mounted as far away from the sensor as possible, but in order to avoid tripping the sensor, I need to move it a few mm outboard. What I plan to do is "shave down" the side of the bracket close to the sensor, then widen the holes on the license plate so I can shift it over to the right a bit. As it stands right now, I have the parking sensors turned off, and I only turn them on when I really need to. Rear cross traffic alert still works with the parking sensors off, just fyi.

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