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Thread: Wheel bearing

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    Wheel bearing

    Lost 2 cars in 1 incident Saturday, so I just looked at an 05 Mazda6 GT wagon. Immediately clear was that it needs a LF wheel bearing. It was so loud that I couldn't hear anything else so I don't know if there are any other issues with the 204,000 mile car. It looks like these need to be pressed? Are there any other suspension/steering/brake issues that are common that I need to check for since I couldn't hear anything besides the crazy loud bearing groan?
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    The control arms generally last 100,000mi but can be had for pretty cheap and are not hard to replace. Catalytic failure is present in the 03-07 v6 cars due to a misfire of the COP. When left uncorrected it destroys the precat and this can be sucked back into the engine causing massive oil consumption (watch for P0421/P0431 codes)
    Common oil leaks at the timing cover (annoying) and the valve covers.
    Intake accordion tube tears and cause poor running. Easy fix.
    Great car and looks goo to boot IMO.
    Good Luck.

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