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Thread: are M5 and M3 TCM(transm Control Module) compatible?

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    are M5 and M3 TCM(transm Control Module) compatible?

    pulled the TCM from my 08 Mazda 5, wanted to get a used one from ebay, seems there're a lot more TCM for M3 than for M5. wondering if they're compatible. I think the two models have the same engine/AT ?

    my TCM is L39C 18 9E1B
    I think the M3 TCM starts with L34T 18 9 *

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    are M5 and M3 TCMtransm Control Module compatible

    Some times our mods are no better than the engineers that designed the engine. In fact a lot of mods actually do more harm than good. What are you dong to the engine and what mods have you done?

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