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Thread: After two months she's finally back! Now what?

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    What msp ecu do you use for the mp5 turbo build. I*m seeing 4 listed on car

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcb View Post
    Ah.. OK.

    I didn't really open my sytem, I just vented the pressure.

    It's still working good by the way.
    It's been more than 5 years.
    Funny, years ago I had an old 4runner I brought back from the dead. I think I paid $600 for it. It ran but not well at all. It was only running on 4 of the 6 cylinders due to valve issues, so I rebuilt the top half of the motor (everything in the bottom end was perfectly fine). I lived in FL at the time, and AC was not a luxury, but a requirement in my book. I vac and charged it, worked great a few days and stopped. Vac and charged it, it all must have leaked because there was nothing to evacuate, it worked great for about a month and started blowing warm again. So I did it one more time, evac, vac, charge and blew cold. I ended up daily driving that truck for about 2 years after that and it never blew warm again. Guessing the seals were just dried out and needed some lubrication, which they got when the refrigerant leaked through them LOL. I miss that truck, but at the time I couldn't keep it. I was commuting ~80 miles per day to/from work and it was lucky to get 13-14mpg. that was about 10 years ago when gas was up to that $5/gallon mark.

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