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Thread: ABS Research, Mazdaspeed LSD Compatibility

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    this might not answer your question but will prolly be helpful. you will like Segment #2: LSD and 5th Gear Parts

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    Oh yeah, pressing on the speedo gear really is the only solution. Major PITA of a job, and honestly, influenced my decision to not bother with a MSP transmission for the time being.

    Instead, I decided to mostly focus on these ABS speed sensors. If I can find a way to get speed readings without all that ABS equipment, then hot damn we're in business! It's largely a proof-of-concept kind of project.

    But really, that doesn't address the issue of OEM LSDs before revision 3. Unless you know for sure the transmission has a Revision 3 LSD in it, then you're going to have to open the transmission sooner or later.
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    I'm interested in removing ABS completely from my msp. Now, they have the speed sensor on the transmission with the gear on the diff. That being said, if i remove the brake lines, and ABS unit, and swap to a non ABS wiring harness into my MSP with the MSP ecu it should work and not cause lights, right?

    I mean, the abs pump must HAVE to work on a MSP through the LSD driven speedo gear.

    Be happy!

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