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Thread: Maintenance items Mazda CX-5 after 10,000 km

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    Maintenance items Mazda CX-5 after 10,000 km

    Milestone of 10,000 - 15,000 km is an important milestone in automobile maintenance in general, as well as Mazda CX-5 in particular. This maintenance mold is within the average maintenance level. Therefore, the cost for this milestone is quite moderate, not too expensive for the owner. According to the periodic maintenance price list of Mazda Vietnam, maintenance costs for Mazda CX-5 in 2019 are as follows:

    Replace oil and filter oil
    This is the second oil change since the 5,000 km milestone. From this oil change onwards, we can use the car to the milestone 20,000 km to replace the oil. At this milestone, we also implemented oil refining to help the engine get cleaner. On average every two oil changes, we will proceed to replace the oil filter. This is equally important as selecting lubricants for engines.
    A good oil filter will help the engine's lubrication system not only be well protected but also avoid unnecessary engine wear. When the head is filtered clean, the engine will operate more efficiently, the life of the oil will also increase compared to a filter that is already filled with deposits.

    Clean engine air filter
    For air filtration on automotive engines, we only need to periodically clean it to continue using. This detail on the Mazda CX-5 also has a high life expectancy and only needs to be replaced when the car has used 40,000 - 50,000 km. The dirty air filter will cause soot to enter the combustion chamber, long time will cause the air flow sensor to operate incorrectly, from which the engine will consume more fuel than normal.

    Check additional cooling water, glass wash glass
    This is a secondary maintenance item, but it is quite necessary. Genuine technicians will usually check all the solutions inside the engine compartment and add them when missing. In addition, under normal use conditions, we should also manually check these solutions and supplement them when necessary.
    Glass washers are solutions that are consumed during use, while cooling water usually has no loss. However, if there is a loss in use, it is often a warning sign for a certain incident during the operation of the engine. The owner needs to check to make sure it is just a normal loss.

    4-wheel brake maintenance
    In the first 10,000 km, normally the brakes are still in good condition. However, testing is essential, especially with the conditions of use in Vietnam. After this time, we need to clean the brakes of 4 wheels, to avoid scratching the brake disc when it gets dirty and increase the friction when braking.

    Tire tires, check underbody
    This milestone is also the time when the tire is inverted to help the tires to be worn evenly, rather than worn to one side. As recommended by tire manufacturers, from this mold cup every 5,000 km, users need to turn the tire once to help the car achieve the necessary balance and stability. The many factors affecting the uneven wear capacity of the tires like the center of the car put more forward, because Mazda CX-5 has a pre-engine, or when braking, the front wheels will be 80% of the braking force ... Therefore, we need to periodically tire to use the tire more efficiently and efficiently. At the same time, standard tire island not only helps the vehicle operate safer but also saves 3% of fuel consumption.

    You can refer to "How to clean car interior at home"
    Or learn more services at Vietnam Car Care:

    Hope the above article is useful for you

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    What has the above post got to do with the infotainment system?
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