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Thread: Quietest/best windshield wipers ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unobtanium View Post
    So....2017-2019...what wiper? ICON not avail.
    Quote Originally Posted by yrwei52 View Post
    Actually gen-1 OEM wiper blades are pretty good in non-wintry condition. And yes, gen-2 wiper blades have very proprietary hook where at least for Bosch, only Envision comes with proper adapter to install.

    Now I really need to get used to $29 per wiper blade!
    Seems Bosch Envisions are the ones to get.

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    I just ordered Trico from Rockauto. All 3. No adapter needed.

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    I recently installed oem gen 1 ,Denso wipers purchased online (not thru online mazda dealer) for $34 for both fronts.Very satisfied with them.My dealer only carries Mazda "value line" which I tried last time and they weren't that great for the price.In fact they kinda sucked.They were also a b***h to remove from the wiper arms.Dealer said they could order the original Denso's but it was at some price I wasn't willing to pay.

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