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Thread: New 2019 GT

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    New 2019 GT

    Got the wallet out and traded my 2015 touring for a 2019 GT. I liked the way the 15 drove. Very responsive. It had aftermarket leather and was comfortable. The ride was a tad stiff and in my old age it would have been nice had it rode a little softer. The new one seems a tad bigger and rides a little softer. It's quieter but the steering is not as fast as the 15. With all the techno included the new one is way ahead of the old one. For the money it's a good deal. But what do I know. I'm happy!

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    I recently retired and angsted a bit before signing on the dotted line.

    I, too, got a 2019. I'm very happy as well. Friends always note the quality of the interior ("This is a really nice car!")

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