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Thread: Help with ds4 bulb replacements

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    Help with ds4 bulb replacements

    Hey Folks, Newb here, trying to understand what is needed to change the ds4 (tech package touring) bulbs on my wifes 2013. Searching through had a lot of dead posts, broken pis/bad links

    such as

    Also, been trying to find a haynes/chilton repair manual for this vehicle. doesnt seem to exist. I found but any manual that recommends going to the dealer is not a real service manual.

    Some help would be appreciated. the drivers side high/low ds4 is out, im looking for info on both bulb and ballast replacement if needed.

    Last resort, id like to take the whole assembly out to take a good look at it, i must be missing some bolt/clip locations as ive removed what is visible but there seems to be one or more left as the headlight assembly will not come out.

    Many thanks in advance if one can link a good resource for this. I keep reading its easy :-)

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    Hmm having trouble posting a reply, here is a good video to help others access the headlight assembly.

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    Arrow Help with ds4 bulb replacements

    Yeah unfortunately many pictures and attachments were lost in this forum after the server upgrade. And many pictures were hosted on some websites which will keep them for certain period of time.

    Can't access my gen-1 CX-5 factory service manual as I'm currently out of town. Normally the HID bulb replacement involves removing several Torx headed screws and bulb holding springs which is pretty easy to do if there's enough space. Definitely you don't need to remove the whole headlight assembly. The key is never touch the glass part of bulb with your fingers or you should rub it clean with alcohol. I saw YouTube video showing the CX-9 HID bulb replacement which could be very similar to our CX-5 HID. From my experience dealing with HID's, ballast usually is not the problem but the bulb is. And getting the cheap no-named Xenon bulbs sometimes would have compatibility problem which won't work, or they will fail in a short period of time.

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