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Thread: Upper Molding removal?

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    Upper Molding removal?

    Had my car serviced yesterday and the tech dented the lower plastic hood (I guess Mazda calls this the upper molding - KL2F-50-7E1-BB - They didn't charge me for my service and offered to have it fixed.

    My question. I know the molding is attached to the bumper. Looking at that parts page, it looks like it uses rivets and some smaller fasteners. They aren't the standard button connectors like what is found on the rest of the car. Does anyone know if its possible to remove it from the bumper?

    I ask because I'd rather just remove that and take it to a body shop rather than having it repaired on the car or having to have the entire bumper removed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would let the dealer take care of it. They have agreed to fix it on their dime. They will know the assembly better than a body shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puyapim View Post
    I would let the dealer take care of it. They will know the assembly better than a body shop.
    I wouldn't bet on it.
    I've been surprised in the past, and now I'm accustomed to, dealers and techs not knowing stuff about their own products.
    Training is minimal at best, and non existent in a lot of cases. Turnover at dealerships can be high, and it costs money to train the techs, only to have them walk away.
    Look at the overinflated tire situation on new vehicles. It's been discussed here many times.
    How many techs and dealers are unaware that new vehicles are shipped with overinflated tires?

    Two quick examples of tech non-knowhow on my Pathfinder: There's a grease nipple on the half shaft coming out of the transfer case.
    I have yet to meet a tech at the dealership that does oil and grease jobs that knows that it's there. I always have to point it out, and then they go, Oh, I didn't know that.
    Also, Nissans, like most cars, have an auto reverse function on the driver's power window. Too much resistance, and it reverses and drops about 4 inches.
    Once in a while, my driver's window will drop 4 inches after it closes when using auto close, even if there is nothing blocking it.
    Every tech at the dealership tells me I'll probably need new sensors, or window motors, or whatever.
    What none of them seem to know is that there is a power window reset switch inside the door panel, under the switch panel.
    Pop open the cover, reset it, and it's done. 5 minute fix. Good for the next year or two.
    I often wonder how many owners have forked out hundreds' of dollars for a 5 minute free fix?

    All this to say that don't count on dealers actually knowing more than an independent shop. I don't trust them one bit.

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